Thanks for your interest in the Business Clarity Coaching Program

This soul-stirring program includes:

Connect to U - 1.5 hour session facilitated by Jennifer Lyall:

  • Connect to U Guidebook
  • Connect to U Journal
  • Karma Clearing Meditation
  • Your Soul Connection Meditation 

The intention of this powerful Connect to U program is to connect your soul, with your heart and mind and invite the ego to take a break.  This allows you to listen to the messages from your soul, so you can become fluent in the language of your soul~

Business Clarity Session (3 hours)

  • to tune in to your vision of success in 3 years time
  • ground all of the ideas to get you there
  • create a structure and foundation for how to get to your vision

Create a Spring Board

Using the Power of Intention and Focus: We’ll create visual and emotional cues through a springboard to bring your vision to life.  This will keep your energy focused on your intentions for your vision personally and professionally.

4 x 1 hour One on One  Mentoring weekly or bi-weekly sessions


Sessions are available in person (west of Toronto) or virtually between 9:30-2:30 pm EST, Monday - Friday.

Heart Package Energy Exchange: 2 x $595

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