SEO Press Release Service

We have been so impressed with the Marketers’ Media press release service that we bought agency rights from them!

And we can offer to you our SEO Press Release service at a massive discount on the public prices.

First of All, Here is What You Get:

·         Agency Facilitation

We will receive your press release, and our press release manager Sam will go over it with a fine tooth comb to confirm it fulfils all the press release network’s requirements.  We will then submit the press release ourselves to the Marketers’ Media network.

·         Massive Discount

You will receive the Extended Visibility press release plan shown here, normally $159, at a greatly reduced price through our agency access to the network.

·         Massive Distribution / Syndication

Marketers Media stands head and shoulders above almost all other press release platforms (and is the equal of the very best). The distribution is huge by this company, and the quality of partner press sites is not surpassed by any other platform or company.

·         Instant High Speed Anchor Text Balancing

Google index masses of pages as the various press sites publish your press article. In less than 1 week, you can have an instant anchor text balancing campaign implemented ready for you to start sending powerful backlinks to your money site (from Power Ranker, your mini sites etc).

·         Increased Search Engine Visibility Of Your Money Site

As the quality of the press article distribution is so high, the visibility of your money site in the search engines is greatly increased, enabling an increase in potential targeted traffic to your money site.

A High Authority Low Cost Tier 1 DoFollow Link

Marketers Media allow your link in the article to be “Do Follow”. They are one of the only press companies offering this now, which makes your article become a powerful 1st tier platform. Power this up with a Power Ranker campaign and you have a very valuable / effective and highly natural backlink.

Special Limited Time Discount

We offered a special discount when we launched this service but are going to increase prices to a more reasonable level on Monday evening.  Please purchase now to avoid disappointment!

NOTE: Although our special introductory offer is over, it's still at a great discount.  The normal cost if purchased direct from Marketers Media is $159 - now available at our regular discounted shown below.

NOTE 2: If you would like to purchase a pack of 3 press releases, go to this page.

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