Phoenix Authority Site Restorer

The Most Ground-Breaking SEO Tool Ever for Modern SEO

Literally, this is the single biggest revolution in SEO today.

What is the perfect backlinking site?

Someone else’s site!

We do this 2 ways in SEO Breakthrough - guest posts and...

Restoring Other People’s Sites

Fundamentally, it's like buying the site as is off it’s previous owner.

Then add a paragraph to the home page, or an insert with links to “resources”

Bingo - the best, most natural backlink you could have.


The Challenge is – It’s Time Consuming!

Imagine this...

  • Have a list of Authority Aged Domains in any Niche!
  • Register the Domain for $12
  • Put the domain name in our software
  • Press a button or two

Bingo – the site is restored and uploaded to your hosting account


I Can’t Stress Enough…

… the power you have with a piece of software like this...

Power to generate the safest, most real, powerful backlinks at the press of a button.

Combined with Guest Posts and PowerRanker…

… phew!

Aren’t There Other Softwares Like This, John?

Yes – but with errors and foot prints.

We tried to find one that did what we need - We couldn’t.

So we had one made to OUR specifications!

And now you can have it too.  The most revolutionary SEO tool available, combined with unlimited high authority aged domains.

Quite literally, it makes the SEO process easy!

With this Purchase you will get:

  • "Lifetime" Access to Phoenix ASR Software - no further payments, ever
  • Ability to restore 3 sites each and every month (agency users with greater needs can purchase more at just $10)
  • Unlimited access to our 20,000+ and growing list of high authority, high trust aged domains (as many as you want - we give them to you to build 3 at a time but there is no limit to the number you request per month).

Remember this is for SEO BT Members only.  All we ask is that you maintain you $17 Monthly Maintentance subscription for "All Updates and SaaS Access" - as Phoenix forms a part of this suite of software and is very expensive to maintain software and servers!

Publisher Contact Info John Pearce & Chris Cantell