Fall 2019 FVT Obstacle Course Race Prep Program

FREE BONUS - 1st 10 to sign up for the FVT Fall Obstacle Course Race Prep Program get admission to 4 week "Breathing Fire" Cardio Conditioning (runs Aug 14/21/28 + Sept 4) FREE - SIGN UP NOW!

- This is for folks who have a base of fitness established, and want to take their workouts to the next level.

- This program is specifically geared towards prepping for the Nov 17 Spartan Sprint in Sacramento

- The 1st 10 people to sign up get to attend our special 4 week "Breathing Fire" Cardio Conditioning program starting Wednesday, August 14th

- We’ll start the official OCR training Wednesday, September 11th at 6pm …there are 10 training sessions total in this program

- We’ll do the training on Wednesday evenings at 6pm, at our 1530 X Street location, and the workouts will go a full hour, 6pm – 7pm.

- I’ll write up a complete workout plan for the week for everyone doing the training, so we’ll meet and work out together as a group on Monday mornings, but then you’ll have a complete plan to follow for the rest of the time as well.

- The cost is $199 

BONUS 1 - The first 10 people to sign up get to come to our "Breathing Fire" - 4 week cardio/conditioning program FREE.

This will run for 4 weeks - August 14th/21st/28th and Sept 4th. We'll run/sprint, do agility drills, and incorporate various training modalities for High Intensity Interval Training workouts.

You'll also have a written plan of all the work we do in this program so that you'll have cardio conditioning workouts to do on your own to supplement your other training - forever!

FREE for the 1st 10 people to sign up.

Bonus 2 - A special edition Team FVT Spartan T Shirt

TOTAL program cost = $199

*If you miss a training session, I’ll be posting the weekly workout plan online, so you’ll be able to complete the workout on your own. You can also make up the session at any one of our regularly scheduled boot camp times.

*If you want to participate in the training ONLY, and have no plans of completing the actual event – that’s fine too! We have folks do this every year. As long as you’re 100% committed to giving the training your best and attending all the sessions you possibly can, it’s all good!

*Does NOT include race registration fees – this is for the 10 week prep program plus 4 bonus training sessions ONLY.

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