28 Day EMOM Kettlebell Challenge

Have you ever seen the CrossFit games - Master's Category?

These athletes aged 40 and up are nothing short of amazing!

They sport incredible physiques.

But what is equally impressive is the fact that they are such well balanced athletes.

These men and women have world class levels of both conditioning and strength at the same time. Something highly unusual when top performance in a specific sport typically comes at the expense of NOT being good at much anything else.

So how do they get there, how do they do it?

With their special unique style of workouts.

Only problem is, train the way that these athletes train presents problems for the average Joe and Jane.

For one, some of the typical workouts they do are fairly technical and pose somewhat of an injury risk if you don’t know proper technique. Olympic lifts for high reps at a high fatigue level is asking for trouble for the average person.

Secondly, these athletes train a large amount of time. A lot of them are training for hours, three or four times per day.

And finally, the set up required to do the sort of workouts is not accessible for a lot of people. You need a full barbell set up. You need a lifting platform. You need a full array of weights and conditioning equipment like rowing machines and assault bikes and much more.

But I’ve come up with a solution.

We have adapted the great workouts these athletes use, and use many of the same principles, but make it so that you can do them at home with a couple of Kettlebells and your own bodyweight, in 20 or 30 minutes, three or four times per week.

Now introducing ... 


In this new 28 day program, I am going to take you by the hand and help you get into top shape or just a couple of Kettlebells, 20 or 30minutes, and three or four times per week.

It’s called the EMOM challenge, because we’re going to use this unique workout format – popularized by CrossFit – for the workouts.

Some benefits of using the EMOM method include:

1 – We have four movements that end up hitting all of your major muscle groups, so you’re getting a total-body workout.

2 – We get a good strength training stimulus as we can use relatively heavy weights with the 7-15 rep range we are working in. And, the rest periods end up being just long enough to get recovered to be able to keep using those heavier weights with good form.

3 – Our heart rate also gets elevated quite a bit for the entirety of the workouts, and so as a result we get some stimulus to the cardiovascular system as well.


Not for this special program, I want to give you all the tools you need for success. So I’m going to include two special bonuses when you sign up. These components of the program are not required, but I making them available to give you even better results.

1 - a copy of my 14 day rapid results diet. This will give you a kickstart and get your eating on the right track during the program. It also includes components of lifestyle change such as hydration, recovery, and more.

2 - I’m going to give you a copy of my "5 x 5 bolt on" program. This is new and has never been available before. It’s a barbell basics program that includes a written plan plus video training and it’s intended to “ bolted on” to your HIIT style training plan. It’s the perfect addition to this 28 day program. And it will take your results to the next level.


The final component that makes this 28 day program unique is the coaching. Instead of just following this work out on your own, we are going to walk you through every step of the way. Do you have daily check-in‘s and accountability and open Q&A in our special private group. This included free when you sign up.


Now let’s get to the price. In the past we price this 28 day challenge is between 79 and $99. This is still western half of what you would pay if you came and trained at our studio in a regular group training a program. But we decided to do is drop the price to make it so that everybody can experience the benefits.

And also, to be totally transparent, you sign up for a month of our ongoing coaching program to get access. So you are paying $18, and if you love it, you are actually get in rolled in the next 28 day challenge.

We are doing this because we know that 28 days you were going to get some great results, but you’re probably gonna wanna keep going – and we are confident that our training program can get you where you wanna go. So that’s why we want to incentivize you to work with us for more than one month.

Set up now below for just $18 and get started right away (hurry, this group starts Monday, November 25th!)

- Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement

Certified Kettlebell Instructor


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