Sign up for the Ultimate Challenge Workout - Jan 11 2020 at FVT! Event Cancelled

I was on a phone call with a friend of mine that owns a couple of gyms, and he mentioned to me that they always do some kind of physical / mental challenge workout or event, once a quarter, to keep his people fired up and motivated to train.

I thought this was a GREAT idea … and I thought, we do these Challenge Workouts once per month at our studio already … what if we did an “Ultimate” Challenge Workout, one that was not the usual 45 minutes, but maybe three or four hours in length … and one that addressed all aspects of fitness, such as:

— strength

— endurance

— power

— flexibility

— coordination

And so on …

And the FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout was born!

We've put on several of these events over the last few years ... it's been on a haitus ... but I'm proud to announce, the event is BACK for 2020.

FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout 2020

— No aspect of fitness will be neglected … you’ll need to be fit in EVERY way to excell at this challenge. If you’re strong, but out of “cardio” shape, you’ll be in trouble. Same goes if you’re a runner who does no strength training.

— There will be a main event – where the focus is teamwork and FINISHING, not competing for a specific time … and a BONUS (shorter and optional participation) event the end, which will have a competition aspect for those that want to take it to the next level.

— It’s for current members, their friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who is up for the challenge!

— We’ll hold the event at the FVT studio on X and 16th on the morning of Saturday, January 11th.

Your registration includes:

— Planning, organization, participation in the event itself

— Special weekly “focused” training preparation tips – we will train for this event over the next two months – Nov and Dec – as part of the boot camp classes at FVT. We’ll work things in to the mix like pull ups and short runs and heavy lifting and MUCH more.

BUT … those who are participating in the event will also get special prep tips and homework each week. For example, one week we’ll talk about running and how to get better at that … another week we’ll talk about KB training and how to get better at that … another week we’ll talk about nutrition for performance … you get the idea.

— FVT T shirt (sizes and styles are first-come-first-serve - sign up ASAP to get your pick!)

Sign Up Now

The EARLY BIRD $39 registration price is good through Dec 31st, so don’t delay! Sign up now to lock in the best rate.

- the FVT Team

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