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PMP Exam Simulator

The PMP Exam Simulator

The PM Exam Simulator gives you a 90-day "insider’s view" of the actual PMP Exam. Practice on 2,280+ highly realistic PMP Exam sample questions and get detailed explanations that explain why your answer was / was not correct.

Free Bonus 1: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums
Free Bonus 2: Email Course: Advanced PMP Exam Strategies
Free Bonus 3: Two PMP Exam Worksheets
Free Bonus 4: Free PMP Exam Tips newsletter

Updated to the most current PMP Exam specifications.

Note: Using The PM Exam Simulator is NO GUARANTEE that you will pass The PMP Exam.

Your 90-day access to The PM Exam Simulator does not start immediately. Instead, the simulator "waits" for you to log in and start your first exam/quiz. Now the simulator asks "Do you want to activate your account?" If you answer "Yes, activate", then your 90-day access begins. Please activate within 90 days of purchase. Activation cannot be reversed.

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