Lose Up to 3% of Your Current Bodyweight and Permanently "Reset" Your Metabolism... in Just 14 Days, and at Any Age

FROM: Forest Vance, former pro football player and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

This is an open letter to all men and women over 40 who:

  • Are ready to kick start their fat loss goals and make some rapid progress
  • Want a plan they can stick to so that they can get continued results for an extended period of time
  • Need both clear direction, and an plan that is adaptable to their specific needs and goals
  • Want to lose bodyfat so that they end up looking as strong as they actually are

I have got the solution to help you help you both get rapid results, AND build the foundation and habits needed for long-term success.

But more on that in just a bit...

See, in the past, I was frustrated, because no matter what I tried, I could not lose weight.

It's exactly how I felt when I "retired" from my football career (I played through high school, college, and about two years bouncing around in the NFL).

But one day, I saw a picture of myself - the one above, on the left - and decided that I had to do something.

I knew how to train to get big and strong, but I didn't know how to lose weight and be healthy for the rest of my life.

So I went to work studying, and applying.

I got my first personal training ceritifcation.

I got a job actually training people at the local gym.

Over the next 7 months - applying my new-found knowledge and techniques to myself, and my own situation - I lost 64 pounds!

And I've been able to keep it off for the next 15 years - in that time frame earning my Master's Degree in Human Movement, getting over a dozen more general and specialty certifications, and working with thousands of clients, all around the world.

And I realized, SO many people could benefit from this information, even if we can't work together personally.

So codified everything into this plan:

the 14-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge

In this nutrition-focused 14-Day Challenge, you're going to both get rapid fat loss results, AND permanently "reset" your metabolism... in just 14 days, and at any age!

Find inside the course:

  • My 9 "foundations" rules - These are foundations of healthy eating and exercise to follow for long-term health and fitness
  • 14-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge - Diet Specifics  - You'll learn exactly what to eat and when to eat it... this provides both clear direction, and at the same time a plan that is adaptable to your specific needs and goals
  • 14-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge - Training Specifics - I give you not one, not two, but THREE 14-day training plans to pick from, so that you can best work to your needs and goals. (You can also use this program with the workout plan you are currently doing - I just provide the workouts so you have absolutely everything you need to succeed.)

  • 14-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge - THE CHALLENGE - now we have the guidelines. We have the meal plan. We have the training plan. But what is the actual CHALLENGE? That is outlined here.


I did a special live video training where I got on personally and 1) went through the the 14-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge diet in detail, and 2) answered any and all questions you had about the course. You get access to this special training - in both audio and video format - FREE.


Now you're probably thinking - what the catch? How much is this all going to cost me?

I was originally thinking of pricing this at $97. And it could be a lot more! - because truly, if this is THE thing that helps you lose the weight and keep it off, that would be an INCREDIBLE bargan, right?!?

So then I thought, let's make this fair, and price it at $47, so anyone can access the information.

But then I thought again, and realized that we are living in strange times. Many folks don't have extra money to throw around right now. So we're pricing it at just $27, so that anyone and everyone can access this life-changing material:

LAUNCH SALE - sign up for my 14-Day Metabolic Reset Challenge and get access for 50% off - just $13.50, this week only!

Nicole W sent me this email after the first week on the program:

"I’ve been using the new eating program with the blocks for a week now. I really like it, it’s  very flexible and easy to follow. I posted the chart on my fridge to help me find the right composition of a meal. I feel like I get plenty of food... I’ve lost 3 pounds, it’s great to see progress and feel healthy!"

This program has been a tremendous success with hundreds and hundreds of other clients since the beginning of 2019, when we started testing it. I want to get it out to the world to help as many people as possible, this is why I am selling the information.


I'm also going to take all of the risk out of this transaction for you. Order my product today and you're covered by my 30 Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not absolutely satisfied for whatever reason, contact me any time within the next 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund every dime of your money, quietly and promptly, no questions asked.

Enter your information below to gain instant access to this program. Do it now and get 50% off the regular (already discounted) price.

I look forward to hearing your success story!

- Forest Vance here, former pro football player and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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