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PMP students are up to 32% more likely to get Agile questions wrong. Get Your Agile Boost Here!

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The Agile Booster Course: Only $59

How much agile experience do you have in real life?

If you are like many of our students, the answer will be ‘not much’.

And yet, 50% of the questions in the PMP exam will test your ability to apply agile concepts in real-life scenarios. Statistics from our PM Exam Simulator show that PMP exam students have a hard time with agile concepts and agile questions.

It’s not just a small imbalance either. PMP students are up to 32% more likely to get agile questions wrong than PMI-ACP students.

So how do you maximize your chances on the exam?

Close the gap with the Agile Booster Course!

The Agile Booster Course will level up your understanding of agile to the current exam specifications. It will help you bridge the gap between your practical experience and what you need to know for the test.

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  • Fast forward to 02:39 for the statistics that show why you need the course
  • Fast forward to 10:24 for the Exam Content Outline
  • Fast forward to 12:44 to learn why PMP Students struggle on Agile & Soft Skills
  • Fast forward to 21:40 to see what is included in the Agile Booster Course

Master Agile and Interpersonal Skills for the PMP Exam

The current version of the PMP exam is very different to previous versions. The exam has an entirely different structure:

  • It covers only three domains: People, Process, and Business Environment
  • 50% of the questions relate to agile and hybrid environments
  • The role of the project manager as the integrator between the three domains is emphasized
  • There is enormous focus on the People domain, the importance of the project manager's interpersonal skills and their ability to lead the team
  • There is a strong connection between leading a project using project management best practices while delivering the intended business benefits and value.

In short, PMI is trying to measure how much you are able to apply what you know in real-life scenarios. If you don’t have much hands-on experience of working in an agile or hybrid environment, 50% of the exam questions will feel out of your comfort zone.

You’re not alone. We’ve helped thousands of people study for the PMP exam with our PM Exam Simulator. And the research is clear. After studying the results from thousands of sample questions and mock exams, we can tell you that most PMP students have a hard time with the agile concepts and agile questions.

Let’s take one question in the PM Exam Simulator as an example of how much a gap there is: PMI-ACP students get it right 72% of the time. Only 48% of PMP students get the same question right.

This pattern is repeated time and time again for the agile questions.

So let’s give you the same chance at exam success as your colleagues with more agile experience.

“One of the best things about the training was the additional things I learned from the Agile mindset as I work in a predictive project environment!”
Van Melckebeke Lieven, PMP

Here’s what the Agile Booster Course will do for you

This booster course aims to close the gap in your knowledge by covering exactly the topics you need to feel confident on exam day. You’ll learn agile and hybrid project management approaches, agile-specific topics, the role and competencies of the project manager in agile settings, benefits realization, and more.

What's Included?

The booster course includes the following:

  • 35 Agile video lessons (14 hours)
  • 15 PM skills video lessons (5 hours)
  • 5 Expert audio interviews (3 hours)

Plus the following bonus items: Agile booster course study checklist, Formula Study Guide, Audit eBook, discussion forum access, and a certification of completion for 22.5 hours of training.

Your access to the Agile Booster Course is for 1 year from the date of purchase.


“Thank you for creating this wonderful simulator using which one can benchmark and gauge their readiness for the exam. I would definitely recommend subscribing.”
Pramod Singh, PMP student.

The PMP Exam Simulator is not included as part of the Agile Booster Course. However, students tell us time and time again that the exam simulator is the key to success, and we strongly recommend it.

You will see a link to add the exam simulator after you complete your order/checkout for the Booster Course.

Includes Certificate for 22.5 Contact Hours / PDUs

Once you have completed the Agile Booster Course, you can print your certificate for 22.5 contact hours / PDUs.


  • Do I still have to read The Agile Practice Guide (APG) or does the course cover everything in this book?
    Answer: We still recommend that you read the APG, because the lessons in the agile booster course primarily focus on those areas where PMP students are struggling. By reading the APG you lay the foundation, and then the booster course will get you exam ready.

  • I already purchased The PM PrepCast Training Course (Basic, Elite or Elite PLUS). Do I still need The Agile Booster Course?
    Answer: No. The Agile Booster Course covers the same exam concepts as The PM PrepCast Training course with a focus on agile. While the lessons cover topics that students often find difficult, buying this course in addition to The PM PrepCast (Basic, Elite, or Elite PLUS) would be of little value.

  • Where can I find a lesson directory?
    Answer: Please click here to review the directory

  • Do you also cover other agile methodologies like XP, CRYSTAL etc?
    Answer: No, because these are 'minor' agile methods that are optional for the exam.

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