Do you have a list of Newbie or Intermediate Internet Marketers?

10 Minute Articles is a $47 product that teaches marketers to write ready-to-go articles in 10 minutes or less.

Most people who try article marketing quickly get bogged down in the writing process as they take WAY too long to write an article. 10 Minute Articles delivers a proven system to cut out the time-wasting need for creativity.

Some highlights:

  • Create attention grabbing, traffic generating titles
  • Create attention grabbing, traffic generating excerpts
  • Write an informative 300 word article body FAST
  • Correctly choose laser targeted keywords - your articles rank better!
  • Create unique resource boxes that practically force people to click your link
  • Write with the absolute minimum amount of research (Save MORE time!)
  • Brainstorm 500 new article ideas in less than 10 minutes!
  • Do only the bare minimum amount of editing - eliminate this big time waster!
  • Use a secret strategy to maximize search rank (no one else is doing this yet!)
  • Force yourself to get stuff done in a blazing hurry - multiply your output!

If the above list describes things that your list will benefit from, then please consider promoting 10 Minute Articles.

We pay a generous 55% commission, and we have more 10 Minute Marketing products in the works that will be added in on the backend. You will always get commissions on back end sales as well.

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