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  • David Jenyns
  • Alan Baler
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  • James Dyson
  • Mick Olinik
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    “I tested shopping carts for 6-7 months and spent well over $10k doing it... NONE do what Nanacast does. It does everything we wanted... automatic affiliates, link to physical fulfillment, link to icontact, upsells and downsells, 1 click upsells, timed content release etc. It does it all.”
    David Frey,
    “I have just made the switch to Nanacast. I wish I had done this 2 years ago”
    Lance Kading
    “We wouldn't dare operate without Nanacast. We spent over 3 years looking for the best way to integrate multiple websites, membership sites, and manage affiliates under one centralized e-umbrella. There's practically nothing you can't do with this system. Automation, without scripts, at it's best !”
    Barry Goss & Heather Vale Goss,
    “What a robust solution you guys have created. This thing is spectacular.”
    Chris Simeral,
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