PM Prepcast
CAPM Exam Simulator

The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) 'Elite'

Includes PrepCast (for CAPM) & CAPM Simulator

The PM PrepCast for CAPM is a PMP Exam Prep Video Workshop that also covers 100% of what you need for the CAPM exam. Download it to your tablet, smart phone or PC. The PM Exam Simulator gives you a 90-day "insider’s view" of the actual CAPM Exam with 750 highly realistic CAPM Exam sample questions.

Free Bonus 1: Certificate for 23 Contact Hours
Free Bonus 2: Learn from the Experts - Email Course
Free Bonus 3: The PMP / CAPM Exam Study Checklist
Free Bonus 4: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums

Your 90-day access to The PM Exam Simulator does not start immediately. Instead, the simulator "waits" for you to log in and start your first exam/quiz. Now the simulator asks "Do you want to activate your account?" If you answer "Yes, activate", then your 90-day access begins. Please activate within 90 days of purchase. Activation cannot be reversed.

Important for CAPM

You are about to order The PM PrepCast, which was originally designed to help students pass their PMP Exam. However it also covers 100% of what you need for your CAPM Exam. Immediately after you complete your purchase you will have access to a list of recommended lessons that you should watch for CAPM Exam Prep so that you can start your studies.

Both PrepCast & Simulator are updated to the most current CAPM Exam specifications.

What will happen next?

When you click the button below your purchase will be processed through our secure payment gateway. After the purchase you will see a video with access instructions. We'll also send these instructions to you via email. (Yahoo, Hotmail & Gmail users: Please add to your address book before ordering.)

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