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Kickin It On Kindle

"Kickin' It On Kindle" will expose the secrets the gurus use but don't want you to know!

  Why? Because they continue to make massive amounts of cash running finely tuned publishing machines while you slave away trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.  

They Want You To FAIL...


Submitting ebooks to Kindle that no one will ever find or don't convert because you didn't use the secret techniques mapped out in module 3. Or worse yet, your refund rate is sky high because you didn't use the powerful method in module 4.


The honest truth is...

The longer it takes you to figure it out, the more money they make.... it's that simple.


Don't put up with it any longer. Learn the secrets the gurus use to make high profits on Amazon Kindle. Kickin' It On Kindle will show you...


The most profitable price point for your ebook!

How to title your ebook to grab massive search traffic!

How to format your ebook. (most people screw this up bad!).

How to make an "eye grabbing" ebook cover for free!

How to upload your ebook to Amazon Kindle in minutes!

The most important thing to avoid at all cost! (this could sabotage your success instantly)


30 "How To" videos will take you through each process, step by step, just like you are looking over our shoulder as we do it. No ebook is going to give you that level of instruction!


Join the hundreds of people who have jumped to the front of the line with "Kickin' It On Kindle


Publisher Contact Info Gregg Zban


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